Currently, more than 20,000 Manitobans have Alzheimer’s disease of another dementia. Our population is aging and this number is growing at an alarming rate. The total economic burden of dementia in Manitoba is 885 million dollars and this number is expected to rise to 4.4 billion by the year 2038. caregivers spend over 9 million hours of informal unpaid care. By the year 2038, the hours of informal unpaid care are expected to exceed 22 million.

This predicted growth is a crisis. The numbers will overwhelm our families, our healthcare system and our economy if we don’t act now. We need your help to make dementia care a health priority.

It is because of people like you who share your stories or experiences and make time to connect with decision-makers, that we can make a difference and keep dementia care on the health agenda!

Click here to visit our advocacy website, “Raise Your Voice – Become a Dementia Care Champion!”

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If you have any concerns regarding these or any other issues please email Norma Kirkby, Program Director or Wendy Schettler, Chief Executive Officer