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Currently, more than 22,000 Manitobans have Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia.
Last year alone, there were over 4,500 new cases of dementia in Manitoba and forty-three per cent of us have a family member or close friend with the disease.
For every person with the disease, two or more family members provide care. Women account for 70 per cent of family caregivers.
The total economic burden of dementia in Manitoba is close to 1 billion dollars and is expected to grow to more than 4.4 billion by the year 2038.
This predicted growth is a crisis. The numbers will overwhelm our families, our healthcare system and our economy if we don’t act now. We need your help to make dementia care a health priority.


Provincial Election 2016 - WE NEED YOUR HELP

Building up to the 41st PROVINCIAL GENERAL ELECTION on APRIL 19, 2016, the Alzheimer Society is asking candidates to respond to the following three action items:

Action 1: Create a More Dementia Aware, Inclusive Community

Action 2: Support for Community Dwelling People with Dementia to Enable Them to Age in Place

Action 3: Commit to Developing Long Term Care Settings that Reflect Current and Emerging Best Practice in Built Environments and Person-Centred Care

We are asking Manitobans to raise their voice to help make our message stronger. There are four ways you can help:
- Be prepared to talk to your candidates about these issues when they come to your door.
- Write a letter or send an email to tell them how important these issues are to you.
- Make a phone call to your candidates to discuss your concerns.
- Consider using social media to interact with candidates about these topics.
By working together, we will be a powerful engine for change, creating a better future for people with dementia.

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What Can You Do?

Raise Your Voice and help make dementia care a priority in our community today! The Alzheimer Society needs people like you to speak out and make change happen.

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