The Touch Quilt Project is a community development initiative to help create awareness and education about the importance of brain health, dementia and how the Alzheimer Society can help those who are affected by Alzheimer's disease or another dementia.

    Touch Quilt Project Details

    The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba hopes to increase acceptance and support of people living with dementia, resulting in reduction of stigma. The Touch Quilt Project helps to increase community knowledge of dementia, brain health, prevention and the importance of early diagnosis.

    Touch Quilts provide individuals in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease or another dementia with an opportunity for sensory stimulation.

    At Touch Quilt presentations, professional caregivers have the opportunity for education about sensory stimulation and how to use it in their everyday work life.

    The volunteers who help with the Touch Quilt Project provide the Alzheimer Society with the opportunity to build community relationships resulting in further contacts and opportunities for public education (ie. seniors groups, quilting groups, schools, churches), volunteer recruitment and participation in educational and fundraising events.

    The Touch Quilt Project also encourages local media to participate with quilting groups and personal care homes in a good news/local heroes story related to Alzheimer 's disease or another dementia.

    Community Development

    The Touch Quilt Project reaches many people in the community including seniors groups, quilting groups, churches, schools, community groups, people working in personal care homes, volunteers and sponsors.

    The volunteers bring awareness and create compassion for people with dementia.

    When volunteers get together to assemble kits, they meet people who want to make a difference in the lives of people living in personal care homes. They make friends because of a common interest, share personal stories and provide support. Also, when volunteers sew the Touch Quilts, they learn how sensory stimulation can increase happiness, enjoyment and relaxation as well as lessen sadness and fear.

    The Touch Quilt Project is also perfect fit with middle and high school home economic classes.

    By making Touch Quilts, students benefit through opportunities to learn about:

    • Dementia, brain health and the importance of early diagnosis
    • The needs of people with dementia
    • Programs and services offered by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba
    • The value of sensory stimulation and the importance of engagement
    • The importance of contributing to the community through volunteerism

    • The students may also have the opportunity to participate in the celebration and present the Touch Quilt to the person they made it for. To date, more than 27 Manitoba schools have participated in the Touch Quilt Project.

      How to Get Involved

      There are many ways to get involved with the Touch Quilt Project. You can help by sponsoring, assembling or sewing Touch Quilts or by making a donation.

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