Provincial Election 2016

Provincial Election 2016 - WE NEED YOUR HELP

Building up the the spring provincial election, the public hears the aspirations of each party. We learn about the policies that would move forward if a party were to come to office. It then becomes our task, as voters, to decide which party’s position will make a difference in the issues closest to our hearts.
In other words, elections give us an opportunity to speak out about the things that concern us. By sharing our personal stories with candidates, we let them know about changes we think would have a positive influence on our future.
“As advocates of people with dementia and their caregivers, we at the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba are listening to your concerns,” says Wendy Schettler, CEO of the Society. “We intend to use the election period as a time to present these concerns to candidates across the province.”
Here are the issues you have told us about, and we pledge to bring them forward:
    Action 1: Create a More Dementia Aware, Inclusive Community
    The public needs greater information about dementia and how to be an inclusive, supportive, dementia friendly community.
    Action 2: Support for Community Dwelling People with Dementia to Enable Them to Age in Place
    People with dementia and their family care partners need greater support in order to age in place with the greatest possible physical, emotional and cognitive health.
    Action 3: Commit to Developing Long Term Care Settings that Reflect Current and Emerging Best Practice in Built Environments and Person-Centred Care
    People who are living with advanced dementia require living environments that support their needs for both psychosocial and physical care.
You can assist the Alzheimer Society in its advocacy by raising your voice to help make our message stronger. Here are four things you can do to encourage the Government of Manitoba to respond to these concerns, and in doing so, help families live better with dementia:
- Be prepared to talk to your candidates about these issues when they come to your door.
- Write a letter or send an email to tell them how important these issues are to you.
- Make a phone call to your candidates to discuss your concerns.
- Consider using social media to interact with candidates about these topics.
With each voice heard the message will grow stronger. By working together, we will be a powerful engine for change, creating a better future for people with dementia.

Please watch our website over the next weeks. We will be adding video clips from members of the public who, like you, want to discuss the importance of quality dementia care. As we receive responses from the party leaders, we will post their replies.

Let’s use Election 2016 to speak out for action on important matters about dementia care.

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