Provincial General Election - April 19, 2016

Before Manitobans go to the polls on April 19, we want to open the dialogue and build a foundation for working together with elected representatives post-election.

The Alzheimer Society is currently meeting with candidates to ask them to respond to the following three action items:
Action 1: Create a More Dementia Aware, Inclusive Community
Action 2: Support for Community Dwelling People with Dementia to Enable Them to Age in Place
Action 3: Commit to Developing Long Term Care Settings that Reflect Current and Emerging Best Practice in Built Environments and Person-Centred Care
Click here for further background on the three action items.

Give us a call at 204-943-6622 if you want to know the response of the candidates in your area.

Whether you have two minutes or several days, there are many ways to take action. Click here to find out what you can do to help.


In the News:

April 8 - Answers from the Parties

As of 4 pm on Friday, April 8th, we’ve received responses from the NDP and PC parties.

Read the NDP response here.

Read the PC response here.

March 31 - Questions for Liberal, NDP and PC Parties

We have asked the three parties to respond in writing to the six questions that were to be asked at the 2016 Election Forum. All responses will posted on Friday, April 8. Click here to read the questions.


March 30 - Cancelled - Election Forum 2016

We regret to inform you that the 2016 Manitoba Election Forum has been cancelled. The event was to be held on Tuesday, April 5 at Riverwood Square.

We reached out to the party leaders from the three main parties: Rana Bokhari (Liberal), Brian Pallister (PC) and Greg Selinger (NDP). These are the replies we received:

  • The Liberals committed Rana Bokhari to attend the forum from the first invite we sent.
  • The NDP, after much follow-up over the course of many weeks, committed Dave Chomiak to attend the forum. Mr. Chomiak was the Minister of Health over a decade ago (1999-2004).
  • The PC party did not commit a candidate. Even after considerable follow-up through multiple channels, our invitation has been left unanswered. 
We are deeply disappointed in the lack of interest from the NDP and PC parties to meaningfully engage in this forum.

Forty-three per cent of Manitobans have a family member or close friend with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. It is more important than ever to contact your candidates and the party leaders. Help them understand that addressing dementia needs to be a higher priority. Please click here to find out ways how you can help.

Thank you to our partners: the Catholic Health Association of Manitoba, Interfaith Health Association of Manitoba, Long Term and Continuing Care Association of Manitoba and Manitoba Association of Community Care Homes for the Elderly. We also want to thank Riverwood Square for offering their space for the forum.

March 3 - Alzheimer Society of Manitoba to Co-host Election Forum 2016

Manitoba’s political party leaders have been invited to an Election 2016 Forum that will address the issue of care for Manitobans impacted by dementia and other co-existing complex health concerns.

Plan now to attend this forum! CLICK HERE to register!

You will be able to tell your story about why you think quality care is important for people experiencing dementia – whether it be within primary care, home care, acute care or long term care. You will have an opportunity to question the leaders: you can ask how each party plans to meet the needs of the growing number of people with dementia and other health issues related to aging. You can request information on how the parties intend to support family and friends who are caregivers.

The forum is scheduled for
Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 7 p.m.
and will be held at
Riverwood Square, 1778 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg.
Parking for the event will be at the Canad Inn Fort Gary, 1824 Pembina Highway.

Today more than 22,000 Manitobans have dementia; by 2038 this number is expected to grow to over 40,700. The current impact of dementia is felt by 43 percent of Manitobans who report having a family member or close personal friend living with dementia, as well as by three out of four Canadians who report knowing someone with dementia. The economic burden of dementia in Manitoba is growing and is expected to reach 4.4 billion dollars by 2038.

The forum will be jointly hosted by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba, Catholic Health Association of Manitoba, Interfaith Health Association of Manitoba, Long Term and Continuing Care Association of Manitoba and Manitoba Association of Community Care Homes for the Elderly.

As a full house is expected for this important forum, people are asked to pre-register. Click here to pre-register on-line now. For more information about the forum contact the Alzheimer Society at 204-943-6622 or any of the other sponsoring organizations.

Bringing Forward Important Issues

As advocates of people with dementia and their caregivers, the Alzheimer Society is listening to your concerns and is prepared to speak out about the important issues. To learn more about these issues, we invite you to visit our website and click on the Advocacy – Speak Up for Change button. There, you will find background information about the topics we are bringing forward and specific actions you can take to help.

To find out how the Society plans to put quality dementia care at the forefront and how you can help, click here to read the first article in this series.

Let’s use Election 2016 to speak out for action on important matters about dementia care.


Feb 2 - It’s Election Time: Let’s Put Quality Dementia Care at the Forefront

During an election run-up, the public hears the aspirations of each party. We learn about the policies that would move forward if a party were to come to office. It then becomes our task, as voters, to decide which party’s position will make a difference in the issues closest to our hearts.

In other words, elections give us an opportunity to speak out about the things that concern us. By sharing our personal stories with candidates, we let them know about changes we think would have a positive influence on our future.

“As advocates of people with dementia and their caregivers, we at the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba are listening to your concerns,” says Wendy Schettler, CEO of the Society. “We intend to use the election period as a time to present these concerns to candidates across the province.”

Here are the issues you have told us about, and we pledge to bring them forward:

  • The public needs more information about dementia and how to be an inclusive, supportive, dementia friendly community. Read more…
  • People with dementia and their family care partners need greater support in order to age in place with the greatest possible physical, emotional and cognitive health. Read more…
  • People who are living with advanced dementia require living environments that support their needs for both psychosocial and physical care. Read more…

You can assist the Alzheimer Society in its advocacy by raising your voice to help make our message stronger. Here are four things you can do to encourage the Government of Manitoba to respond to these concerns, and in doing so, help families live better with dementia:

- Be prepared to talk to your candidates about these issues when they come to your door.
- Write a letter or send an email to tell them how important these issues are to you.
- Make a phone call to your candidates to discuss your concerns.
- Consider using social media to interact with candidates about these topics.

With each voice heard the message will grow stronger. By working together, we will be a powerful engine for change, creating a better future for people with dementia.

Click here to watch an election message from our CEO, Wendy Schettler.
Watch for more video clips coming to our website!

Please watch our website over the next weeks. We will be adding video clips from members of the public who, like you, want to discuss the importance of quality dementia care. As we receive responses from the party leaders, we will post their replies.