What Can You Do?

Become a Dementia Care Champion

Write or email your candidates.

Let them know that you are concerned about the state of dementia care in Manitoba and that you think they should respond the Alzheimer Society's three action items.

Action 1: Create a More Dementia Aware, Inclusive Community
Action 2: Support for Community Dwelling People with Dementia to Enable Them to Age in Place
Action 3: Commit to Developing Long Term Care Settings that Reflect Current and Emerging Best Practice in Built Environments and Person-Centred Care
Click here for further background on the three action items.
How to Contact Your Local Officials
1) Click here to see a complete list of candidates
2) Click here to find your electoral division and candidates
3) Click here for an excel list of candidate and party leader contact information
Help us track our supporters advocacy inivitiatives. Email us at alzmb@alzheimer.mb.ca to let us know what action you have taken.